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We have a thorough, multi-point checklist ensuring we are inspecting to the Standards of Practice and hitting our marks. We will explain the overall condition of the home and its systems at the end of the inspection. If you are not present feel free to call the office and we will set up a time to go through the report with you.

In addition, we will compile a comprehensive Spectora report, delivered online via HTML, or in PDF format, documenting all of our findings, and including images, references and further details. This report will be available for you both in a desktop-friendly format and a mobile format, so that you can stay in-the-loop and check your report even when you’re on the go.

These are the components that we inspect:

  • Roof (including gutters and downspouts)

    During a roof inspection we are looking for improper flashing,penetrations that may result in leaks, moss build up, damage materials, granular displacement, proper installation and more. “SAFETY” issues such as soft spots in the roof decking.

  • Exterior Components and Wall Coverings

    During an exterior inspection we are looking for proper siding installation, the condition of windows and doors,  wood rot, foundation movement and more. “SAFETY” issues such as loose hand rails or tread heights.

  • Basement and Crawlspace

    During a crawlspace inspection we are looking for standing water, pests and rodents, wood rot, damaged heat ducts, open electrical boxes, missing insulation, vapor barrier, and more. “SAFETY” issues such as leaking or disconnected sewer pipes.

  • Plumbing

    During a plumbing inspection we are looking for active leaks, slow or clogged drains, bad slope, corrosion, low pressure, shut off valve, proper plumbing materials, water heater functionality and more.”SAFETY” issues such as scalding hot water.

  • Electrical Components

    During an electrical inspection we are looking for the presence of GFCi’s, a representative number of outlets and switches, light fixtures, ceiling fans and more.”SAFETY”  issues such as incorrect wiring, arcing and splicing.

  • Fireplace and Chimney

    During a chimney inspection we are looking for cracks in the chimney cap, spalling, cracks, mortar deterioration, cracks, unlined flue, missing spark arrestor and more. “SAFETY” issues such as creosote build up.

  • Attic, Insulation, and Ventilation

    During an HVAC inspection we are looking for proper venting, ignition, corrosion and efflorescence buildup, duct work, filter, Thermostat controls and more. “SAFETY” issues such as gas leaks and cracked heat exchanger.

  • Interior Components (including floor, walls, ceiling, and stairs)

    During an interior inspection we are looking at the appliances, bath and living areas, heat distribution, garage, kitchen and more. “SAFETY” issues such as missing CO2 and Smoke Detectors

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